Rock Egg (2004)

Game by Petr Provazník

Rock Egg (2004)

Rock Egg is based on the well known game Boulder Dash. The purpose of the game is to collect a given amount of diamonds at each level and then with the diamonds exit that level. During the 17 levels there will be enemies trying to defend the diamonds but fortunately for you they are not all that intelligent. Though on the other hand, mere contact with them means certain death and the need to start the level from the beginning

Your journey will also be complicated by ever-present boulders, which will roll towards you from all directions and if one happens to fall on you from a bit of height then all your problems will be over. After successful completion of each level your position is automatically recorded and the next time you start up the game you have the option of starting at the level you previously finished.

As far as game innovations are concerned then expect to find picks which will come in handy in caved-in passageways because with one collected pick you can destroy one rock. Also the characteristics of your enemies are quite interesting - they are able to give and take diamonds. If you manage to eliminate a monster, then one diamond will remain after them. Unfortunately, if the enemy happens to touch it first then they will take it for themselves without even so much as asking. Be careful when it comes to these thefts, if you happen to be missing any diamonds, then the gate at the end of each level will not allow you to proceed further.

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Ratings (score: 88%)

"A great Boulderdash game with 3D animations." (score: 60%)

"Rock Egg can be evaluated as refreshing and entertaining game." (score: 53%)

"Quite simply, this title is not the best nor the worst, it walks its golden center." (score: 90%)

"I recommend this game, the gameplay is angelic devilish. What else could you wish for?"

This game was created in 2004. Today the score would probably be worse. You have to wait for the new version :)